Taken from the Discord. Join if you want to provide feedback.
- damage numbers are no longer yellow or orange, it's always red
- and they are bigger overall
- the resource tracing arrow indicates what it will lead you to: , , 🥩, , etc
- hit players or mobs flash red
- a few days ago I ate a cactusfruit IRL and I got a bunch of splinters in my fingers, so I made the damage you get from it more visible in-game too with a damage number + red flash

- Brought back the game over screen, rewritten.
- Trolls now instantly collect resource items they touch and get instant healing from them.

- Very slightly increased troll base speed.
- Low health speed increase / decrease caps out at 30% health.
- The resource number text is part of the staging branch now.
- Both animations & hand in item updates are part of staging now as well.

- Added animation for the wolf.
- Added animation for the ghost.
- Items in player hands are now displayed on the player model, and are visible to others.
- Numbers above resources no longer appear if not mined by the player (Trolls and Mines no longer cause it) (This change will be live together with the stuff in staging, because it's so minor).

- Lowered the base speed of trolls a bit to make them managable again.

This will be live early tomorrow. Thanks for testing.

This is a small one since the mob-speed reduction wasn't received well.
Let us know if this feels better:


- Ghosts, Trolls and Balrog get ⏩ faster as they lose HP.
- Ostriches and Pigs get ⏪ slower as they lose HP.
- All others are unaffected.
- Added new text appearing above resources as you mine them.
- Ghosts, Trolls and Balrog are now immune to losing speed when on low health.
- Ghosts are now intangible and will pass through resources and walls and even other ghosts.
- Made it easier to attack things while moving on mobile.

- Damage numbers now go from yellow to red instead of green to red.
- Damage numbers range from green to red and become larger depending on damage values.
- Added a small tutorial arrow showing new players what resources to get. Will point to food sources if low on health.
- Scale down in-game UI elements further on really tiny screens & landscape to make the game playable.
- On very slim screens, the crafting menu will take up an entire column, with the inventory being shifted over a bit.
- Added responsiveness to the title screen, the logo scales down & footer moves to a corner.
- Fixed ammo text above turrets being really small.
- FIxed clicking UI elements causing a click in-game. (crafting, inventory, suggested recipe, closing menus)
- Fixed a bug where mobile doesn't reliably fullscreen.

- Added a menu when drag & dropping a stack of items out of your inventory to drop it partially.
- The Pickaxe crafting recipe is now more prevalent when it becomes craftable, as it's the most important recipe.
- Overhauled general player movement, returned sneaking (Fully client-side). Hold Shift to travel slower.
- You can now eat by repeatedly clicking a food item in your hotbar.
- Shield hacks have been patched.

The game is now pretty playable on mobile devices! Don't expect a perfect experience just yet, but feedback is still appreciated.

Some of these have rolled out a few days ago, some just now. No particular order.
- Old death markers on the minimap become gray to draw the most attention to the newest one.
- New sprites and reloading animations for Musket and Crossbow.
- Walls, Spikewalls and Doors can now be repaired by dropping the corresponding material into it.
- Wounded entities move slower (Doesn't apply to players).
- Miners become faster, and more efficient at extracting resources the higher the tier.
- Made Miners' iron price scale with the tier, overall cheaper.
- Made Grappler pull a bit weaker if wearing armor.
- Changed some monsters' behaviour a bit.
- The game loads a little faster.

- New Stamina Wheel.

- Increased all material damage by 0.5.
- Fixed a bug when placing liquids using a bucket and it not flowing immediately.
- Added a fuel value item attribute. (Coal, Wood & Diamond)
- Non-player entities have very slow natural regeneration again so they're not constantly 10% HP.
- Fixed piercing damage check that accidentally gave every armor piercing protection except for the ones that actually have it.

- Fixed inaccurate placement of death marker.

- Turrets are now loaded by dropping a ranged weapon instead of using "E". (The button is no longer used.)
- The minimap has been rewritten.
- Dying will now place an ❌ on the map.
- You can click the minimap to place a personal flag 🚩 to mark something.
- Clicking on either ❌ or 🚩 will remove it again.


The list of all changes is above.

Also #🎉reaction-roles has been updated with finer grain roles. Please go there and update your choices!

This is the last one before it's live. Try it out at [defunct]

- Updated fishing rewards. Added more items to the pool and adjusted chances.
- Gave Furnace, Dummy and Miners an icon description.
- Fishing now gives you score.
- Fixed a bug with enemy priority.

- Only gold, diamond and adamant trolls are immune to lava now.
- Tweaked troll damage a bit again.
- Hooks can no longer hook onto players, but have a 1.5x stronger pull force.
- Trolls and Balrog now always attack once they have a target. Ghosts, Bears and Wolves still only attack when they are close to you.
- Fixed a dupe with lava.
- Nerfed troll damage just a little.
- Trolls are now immune to lava.
- Fished items now get slung towards the player.
- Fishing is now faster, or rather less like to take ages.
- Monsters no longer perform an attack if they're not close enough to their target
- Fixed damage of ostriches being 0
- Fixed hooks and bobbers being attackable.
- Grappler line starts closer, more accurate to the sprite.
- The line of the grappler is now gray instead of black.
- Both can be recalled through a click. which doesn't trigger another throw.
- Fixed a bug where dropping fishing rod or grappler doesn't destroy the hook or bobber.
- Both no longer reload while the hook or bobber is out.

Try it out at [defunct]

- Added Grappler a seperation from the regular Fishing Rod

- Has the ability to hook onto objects and swing you and the entity around.
- Is crafted from 20 Iron ingots and 10 Gold ingots

- Doesn't hook onto anything, so it's less frustrating to fish things.
- Is crafted from just 20 Wood


Please provide feedback about the new staging build in #💬general.

Added Tooth Armor :armor_tooth:
- Branching armor upgrade from Stone Armor .
- Crafted with Tooth :tooth: and Lavafish :lavafish:.
- 5 Piercing Protection.
- 30 kg weight (equivalent to Gold).
- Looks rad.

- All armor got new icons in inventory & crafting interface.
- Cactus :cactus: deals less a bit less damage on contact.
- The spikes on the Cactus :cactus: were changed to white, to be consistent with Cactusfruit :cactusfruit: and Spikewalls :spikewall_stone:.

- Stamina is no longer tied to Health
- Doors are now excluded from the 3-hit break mechanic. You need a hammer or crowsbeak to destroy them.


Throwing a couple more changes in to be tested. Try them out here and please give us feedback in #💬general

- Added Cactus :cactus:, a new resource in deserts giving you Cactusfruit :cactusfruit:.
- Added Lava Fishing :fishingrod:, allowing you to get a special fish that replaced the Lava Bucket :bucket_lava: in the Fire Resistance Potion :potion_fire_resistance: recipe.
- All resources spawn in greater numbers but have less items inside. Miner yields have been increased further to make sure they remain useful.
- Updated item attribute icons to be more understandable.
- Moved recipe ingredients above description & attributes in the crafting interface.

- Replaced the Title screen image with one that spells "Doomed IO".
- Fixed craftable recipe animation from playing when switching categories.
- Players get 10 seconds of immunity upon joining.

These are changes we've been meaning to take for a while, we hope you'll understand.

Try them out here and please give us feedback in #💬general.

- Removed the levelling system entirely. Gathering was boosted from the start.
- Removed the starving and auto-regeneration system. This means eating is required for regeneration but not for waiting around.
- Added icons to items showing attributes like Damage, Protection, Weight etc.
- Removed lava cooking as it was too easy and led to a dupe.
- Rewrote the weight calculation system because weight could be arbitrarily changed.

- Added a small flashing animation for craftable recipes.
- Pop-up telling you how to move only shows up in-game now and is replaced by an image instead of text.
- Remade the Leaderboard.
- Fixed invisible trolls.
- Small optimizations.

- Big performance rendering improvement of the night lights.
- Fixed ghost objects appearing after you die. (Ghost chunks should be fixed also but let me know if you see them still).
- You can now do the Captcha before the game even loads. That means you won't see the slick new loading screen :(.
- Added Icon Item descriptions for Shrimps and Ranged items.

- Items now have icon descriptions on how they can be used. (They appear in the crafting interface and in the inventory).
- The Fishing Rod got its texture edited.
- Fixed a bug where furnaces and miners started with fuel inside.

- Entity pathfinding has been overhauled and they no longer get stuck in world borders.
- Fishing can now give you a lot more rare items.
- The Bucket is now called Empty Bucket.
- All entities start with full stamina when spawning (players too).


- The new inventory is live, thank you for the feedback and testing.
The new inventory will be live later today. If you would still like to provide feedback, feel free.

- Slightly increased visual size of the inventory.
- Added responsiveness, the inventory gets visually smaller as you change your window size.
- Fixed a bug when dragging an item and then setting it back where it was.
- Fixed drag preview being invisible if you didn't move your mouse.


- New texture for Iron
- Added interpolation for bullets (They travel smoother now).
Discussion about the inventory update is still ongoing, here are the changes in this build:

- Reverted the 4 additional inventory slots, now it's 2 x 8. We still want to increase the total inventory size in the future!
- Clicking a non-hotbar slot will swap the item with the vertically adjacent slot in the hotbar and automatically select it. (Makes the most sense when you see it)
- Fixed a bug that made scrolling in some cases feel sluggish.

Hey everyone, we're about to release an update to the inventory and would like your feedback.

- Hotbar and Inventory have been split with each having 10 slots.
- In total, you have 4 additional inventory slots.
- Resources that don't necessarily need to be in your hotbar are automatically put in your inventory instead of your hotbar.
Here is a list of items this applies to:
`wood, coal, stone, iron, ironingot, gold, goldingot, diamond, adamant, leather, tooth, bottle, glass, armor, ammo`
- Inventory is more responsive.
- Item information now snaps to the left side above your inventory, Status effects snap to the right side.
- While dragging an item out of your inventory, you can right-click to drop a single item instead of everything at once.
- Subtle animation when going from one slot to another.
- Status effects such as Hunger and Fire resistance now flash when reaching critical values.

We'd appreciate you guys testing and letting us know how it feels and what could be improved.

- New Upgrade category, where all 8 items can be quickly crafted and it always gives you the next tier you need.
- You can now favourite crafting recipes by right-clicking, resulting in them showing up in the first tab, even next time you play! You can favourite up to 12 recipes.
- Animations when going between tabs.
- No Back button, saving you a click.
- No awkward scrolling either.
- New responsive layout.
- Fully frontend, no lag when switching categories.

- New textures for Coal , Gold , Diamond and Adamant .
- Items can no longer be dropped inside resources to get stuck.
- Fixed coal troll having 0 hp.
- Boosters can now be placed even if there is an item in the way.

- Players get a tree with very few resources (50) within their vision when spawning.
- Removed the "Transitions" option from the option menu, because it has no impact on performance.
- Player health is back to 20, Player regen was lowered.
- Bear was too small but this was fixed a few days ago.
- Items left on the ground despawn quicker. (Use crates please)


- Piles can now be placed inside water (like with holes) to drain it.
- Water and Lava can now flow together to form Gravel

- Fixed a bug where adamant mines wouldn't spawn in very certain conditions.


- Increased Player Health by 2x, removed the Health Skill.
- Increased Player Regen by 4x, nerged the Regen Skill down to a 50% increase.

- Resources no longer spawn at map edges.
- Berry bushes no longer spawn in the center of the map.
- Coordinates got a small font change.

- New Fire Resistance Potion which gives you temporary immunity to lava. (voxal)
- Liquids automatically flows into holes, making it harder to get into the center using buckets.
- Added Bottles that you craft first before making Potions and that you get back after consuming it.
- Bears look slightly different and have a new attack animation. 🐾

- If you crash or randomly disconnect, you will get a lot more of your items back unless you are in combat. ⚔️
- If you have a single item, you will have a higher chance of keeping it.


- The category icons for Production and Brewery have been changed.
- Potions got new textures:
- Teeth now drop about as frequent as Leather (Health Potions are easier to craft).
- The texture of the Stone Helmet have been changed: and now requires 4 Teeth .

- Fixed a memory leak.
- Leather and Leather Armor received new textures:
- If you break your own Buildings, you will get all items back.
- You can now use Crowsbeak to instantly break your own Buildings alongside Hammer
- You are no longer able to break your own buildings with Weapons to avoid breaking them during combat.

Reminder to visit #📊polls every once in a while.

- The minimap now shows your coordinates on the map.
- Buildings are now properly marked 🟢 or 🔴 depending on whether it's yours or your enemies.
- The Top 1 player is always shown on the minimap unless they have below 1000xp.

All the changes from staging have been made live. Let me know if there's any issues.
- Numbers in your inventory are now in a bigger font size.
- The number doesn't show up if you only have 1.
- Having over 1k will result in the number being shortened with a "k" at the end
- Removed the "x" at the start of the number.
- Minimap colors now cover all possible tiles.

- Items you drop can't be picked up for 0.5s, for convenience.
- Fixed bug with minimap looking janky.
We held a couple polls regarding the gold ingot change and got different results each time. However, I share the sentiment of not requiring it for the gold stage.

Ironore → Iron
Iron → Iron Ingot
Goldore → Gold
Gold → Gold Ingot

- All gold tools, weapons, armor and shield require Gold instead of Gold Ingot
- The recipes for Fishing Rod, Doors, Health Potions and Bullet Ammo still includes Gold Ingot
- Health Potion costs less gold since it requires extra smelting now.
- Adamant items have had their cost multiplier increased (9x → 10x) as voted by the community.

- The increased furnace speeds have been reverted.

- Wood pickaxe can no longer mine Gold resources (lol).

This is the last chance to provide feedback regarding this staging session. Let us know your thoughts in #💬general or #1133007631569666128
- Discord Invite button was moved to the footer.

We are nearing the end of this staging session. If you want to give more feedback, then now is the time!!

- All Tools are upgradable again (More favoured than I expected), but the wooden counterparts for Hammer, Shovel and Crowsbeak have been removed. All of those start at Stone now.
- Adamant items are now more expensive in terms of Adamant than Diamond.
- The categories Armor and Shield have been combined into Protection.
- Fishing Rod now has a slightly more expensive recipe.
- Hammers are slightly less expensive.

Please keep an eye out for #📊polls and leave your feedback in #💬general and #1133007631569666128 as always.


After taking some feedback on the last experimental updates and doing more playtesting, here are some changes I've made that you can try out right now!

- Pickaxes, Swords, Spears, Shields and Armor require upgrading from the previous item while Hammers, Crowsbeaks and Shovels do not! Instead I added 10 wood to those recipes.
- The initial 10 wood has been removed for real now. (The recipe for wood pickaxe is cheaper though.)
- All of the recipes have been tweaked to require less secondary items.
- Leather Armor is easier to craft now.
- All Projectile recipes give you 1 item instead of 5.

- Ghosts drop a bit more Diamonds again, please let me know which is more worth it, mining or farming ghosts!
- Wolves and Bears are much stronger now, in terms of Damage, HP and range. In return, they were made to drop more Leather
- Trolls can see you from farther away, but had their Damage, HP and Drops nerfed a bit.
- Musket Bullets deal less damage but remain the strongest weapon.

- All items smelt faster to make the gold stage a little less tedious. If it's still too tedious we might change the Gold in a lot of recipes back to Gold Ore .

Once again, please provide feedback in #💬general or #1133007631569666128, as none of this is final.

Hey guys, 2 days ago I asked for you to join the discussion regarding some changes to the crafting recipes and the way progression works. Please try them out and let us know how it feels:

- All Tools, Weapons, Shields and Armor require you to start from the lowest tier and upgrade it.
- Added Wooden parts for all types of equipment. (Shovel, Hammer, Spear, Sword, Crowsbeak)
- Gold is now smeltable into Gold Ingots which is required for the gold tier.
- The amount of things needed scales with each tier.
- A secondary item like Wood or Iron (and Leather for Armor) is more prevalent in recipes.
- Ghosts drop 15 diamonds instead of 30.
- The initial 10 Wood is removed (but I forgot to include it in staging so just forget about it for now).

None of this is final, so give us opinions in #💬general or #1133007631569666128

- Fixed some items having a bigger texture than usual
- Changelog now has all the old versions

- All the ranged weapons charge slightly faster
- Edited the description for Hammers, made the grinding mechanic more clear.
- Also edited the description of the grindable items respectively:
Stone → Gravel
Leather → Earth
- Re-added the Changelog ingame (It no longer links to the Discord)

I would also like to bring attention to, as we plan to overhaul the crafting recipes.
Please read through the first few of my messages there. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

- Fixed the level-up indicator showing while no upgrade was pending
- Added a subtle texture to sand

- the trees drop always drop wood even when you punch them. You don't need to first break them
- the wood pickaxe costs 15 instead of 25 wood
- the game loads a tiiiiiny bit faster
- we're moving domains: from to
- This is because is a clear brand, and isn't. In fact everybody is always refering to it as or simply doomed. I hope it's not too confusing though, might be a bit initially! 😅
- At the moment both are useable. They share the same servers. This is transitional, in a couple days the old domain will redirect to
- new textures with thiner edges that make it easier to see where you are digging. And we replaced old realistic looking tiles with a more cartoony design that fits the style of the game better
- the upgrades have a little notification so you don't miss out on it when you gain a level! And the buttons are greyed out when you can't upgrade

- Fixed Ghost Objects that you can't interact with.

- reorganized the crafting menu, it's now much easier to navigate
- the first player on the leaderboard is always visible on the map
- all players can make themselves visible (before only the first 3 could)
- the popup when you die can be closed by clicking on the background

- fixed iron golems crashing the game
- you can use hammers to destroy your own buildings in 1 hit vs 3 with your hands or other objects
- nerfed the balrog axe

- Mines now break a lot quicker, they are now how they were in Doomed 1. More info in the thread. 🧵
- Screen resolution is more balanced resulting in always being able to see the same amount of surface area. Before, a square window was the best.
- A lot of dependencies have been upgraded.
- Fixed Musket shooting while holding shift.

- Trolls are making a comeback! They are now more frequent and there is a new type of Troll.
- Jumpers have been changed, now there is a new Adamant Jumper that lets you jump much higher, enough to jump over buildings! Golden and Diamond Jumpers have been removed because they were almost useless.
- new Adamant Buildings to fortify your bases.
- Fixed bug preventing you from playing the game in an iframe.
- Added 10 new default names when you leave the username field empty.
- Removed Sneaking mechanic.

- Removed "R" to remove buildings, instead you have to hit them 3 times.


Gameplay update!
- we reworked agility. It's no longer something you can upgrade. Instead, it depends on your armor. Powerful armors let you move slightly slower. This is meant to make it easier for early-game players to flee late-game players or mobs.
- boosts also depends on your armor. Obviously, this is a long awaited nerf to people cheating with boosters. We have other nerfs planned for boosters if that's not enough.
- we've increased the movement speed. That's a change that I've wanted to make ever since I had my hands on It might be a little weird at the begining when you're used to slow movement, but I feel it's much more pleasant.
- we've nerfed crits. Crits are hits that you do while jumping towards your enemy. They are no longer random, instead they depend on your speed.

This is a pretty big change to the balance of the game, and we'll tweak it further. We're already looking at some feedback, but I'd appreciate if you have more, reply in the thread 😉

A couple days ago we said we would increase the movement speed. I set up a test server so you can give it a try and give some feedback!
Let us know in the thread what you think of it, are the enemies still balanced, etc

- Fixed crash involving turrets.

- Fixed crash involving items in crates.

- The game loads faster (we removed jQuery)
- Rewrote the Upgrade menu. It's more responsive, faster and more readable. (Before & After in image)

ℹ️ your feedback is appreciated. We are still tweaking things before we add these features.
- We are about to change how Boosters work, along with a variety of other things that play into it. Please read the thread 🧵⏬

- Sometimes the username field displayed "undefined", that is no longer the case.
- Fixed the damage text not disappearing and being poorly positioned.


We have done a lot of work these past few weeks on refactoring the code, although it's not fully complete yet, we made big progress! More updates are coming in the following days. If you find any #bugs, please let us know!
- Fixed a few problems with connection, like constant redirects or not being able to reconnect after dying.
- Redesigned the statistics screen after dying.
- Added "Enter" as an alternative to "T" to open the chat.
- The game loads faster.

I coded as a replacement for Loritta's XP system. There will be more features in the future.

- `!xp` shows your own XP and level
- `!leaderboard` shows the highest ranked users
- `!roles` shows all roles and their required XP.
2x XP for 24 hours as a celebration. (Expired)

- Issue moving items in your inventory fixed @Unknown User
- The in-game windows are now draggable so you can put them in whatever place you want @Unknown User
- New Chat hotkeys: (C to open the Clan chat, G to open the Global chat)


- The Chat window was moved to the top right of the screen, accessible through a new icon.
- The Chat window was rewritten to be a lot cleaner and more straight forward to use.
- Hotkeys (T) to open the chat, (Esc) to close it. Escape closes all menus.
- You can't move or jump while in Chat anymore
- The screen positioning of all menus have been rewritten.
- 3 Icons received a new, custom design.
- New notification icon in the corner of the Chat Menu Icon.
- Chat now has a 1 second cooldown between messages per user to prevent spam.
- "Come at me" has been renamed to "Reveal myself".
- An informational textbox comes down when checking/unchecking the "Reveal myself" checkbox.
- The upgrade explanations for Regen, Attack and Archery have been made more clear using %.
- FPS Limiter is now a slider and works more accurately than the old, however this feature may be removed again in the future.
- Added performance monitoring tool, press (I) in-game.

- Removed the share server button. Instead, the current server you join will automatically be in the URL and can be copied from there.
- Better frontend communication when you are redirected to another server.
- The values in upgrade textboxes are now rounded properly.
- The chances of getting multiple resources shown above the "Gathering" upgrade are now more understandable and add up to 100% and more representative of what your actual chances are.
- Clan creation & leaving are now seperate, so you will only see one at a time when looking at the Clan menu.
- Remove Right-Shift from your inputs because that led to confusion.
- Lots of little optimizations here and there.

And to clarify on the 60 FPS thing:
- Removed the option to "set" your FPS and instead run the game as smoothly as your monitor and PC can handle.

I'm still getting familiar with the code-base, but I will do more gameplay-related changes very soon, though I want to be sure that everyone is fine with what I will do, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please keep the discussions in #suggestions going, I read and will respond to every one of them.

We have a new developer: Warze !
Warze's first change has been enabling 60 FPS by default for all, and there are many more things coming up from him. 🙂 Welcome, glad to have you in the team

I'm pleased to announce we have a new Mod: Fumpy. Last week was more moderation-heavy than usual, so I'm grateful to have you onboard 😆
Don't hesitate to ping him if someone is breaking the rules (or Mod directly, that works too)

#1071750319047987210 is fixed! @Unknown User found it (you're smart 😉)

We have a new Mod: MomyX! I know him since a long time so I know he'll do a good job 😉 Welcome to the team! 🎉
Don't hesitate to ping him if someone is breaking the #📜rules (or Mod directly, that works too)

I opened a server in Singapore (SG, Asia)

I restarted the servers. They are now:
- in Dallas (US, America): same as before
- in Warsaw (PL, Europe): I moved the european server there, because it's closer to most people

We've changed many things in the transition to the new servers (see above 👆), but I didn't detail them at the time. So, here goes: 🙂
- made it possible to fill buckets even when you don't have space in your hotbar (they will drop on the floor)
- fixed #1049352763529777222
- added some bugs, then fixed them: the fishing line kicking people, and not being able to move diagonally 😝
- simplified the UI, put the name field and play button above so you can play on small screens
- fixed the bug where you had to change the map to see the list of servers (and then removed the server list altogether so maybe we shouldn't have bothered, oh well)
- added feedback to the play button while you are connecting to a server (it becomes grey and displays "Wait...")
- made the game load about 3 times faster(!)

I removed the server list. The closest server (with minimal lag) will be automatically chosen when you press play.
That said, you might want to play with a friend on the same server. You still can, just click the share icon (next to the clan icon) to send them a link to your server 🙂

I have temporarily switched to the old servers due to an issue (the new servers would stop accepting new players after a while). That's why it's an old version of the game.
The new servers will be back tomorrow.

ams 0 is located in Amsterdam (Europe)
dfw 0 is located in Dallas (America)
Pick the closest from you to have a good ping 😉

Hello everyone, welcome! You're probably wondering what's the plan for, so let me tell you 🙂
Firstly, I am going to replace the servers (you may have noticed that sometimes the old servers wouldn't let you connect). This should eliminate this problem, and be completed tonight or tomorrow
Then, we'll work on:
1. Making the game more fluid
2. Simplifying the UI
3. Preventing hacks
4. New content
(in that order)
The team is voxal and I. You may know me as the developer of, and voxal is a talented dev that I asked to help me.
Q: Why is there on the domain.
A: that's my test domain. I'm gonna close it in 1 or 2 days, after which will redirect to
Q: Will be rebranded?
A: I don't know, I haven't decided. For now, it will stay as it is (with the additions I talked above).
Q: Will you bring back doomed1?
A: No. That said we will put the good parts of doomed1 into doomed2 if you tell us what they were in #1049080830980526090

Please do not ping the Dev unless the servers are down. I set up a #questions channel so none of your questions will be missed. 😉

07/04/2018 v2.3.4
- Fishing rod for combat, stealing items and fishing
- New food: Shrimp and salmon. Can be Cooked

30/03/2018 v2.3.3
- Wall and spikewall and door health 2.5x as much
- Turret range increased a bit
- Recycling an item takes 3 hits with hand or any weapon
- Hammers and miners deal additional damage to buildings
- Furnace will produce iron in 3 seconds instead of 5
- Takes way longer to starve

27/03/2018 v2.3.2
- Leaderboard added to the game
- Boss gives less score and xp. Sight radius of boss increased
- Iron gets produced faster in furnace

25/03/2018 v2.3.1
- Minimap shows terrain now
- Ghosts nerfed: health, attack, speed, leash

23/03/2018 v2.3
- Boss in the center of the map. Protecting ores
- New ore adamant and new weapons and armor
- New secret weapon
- Crates to store your stuff inside
- New enemies protecting ores near the center
- Dummy can be used to check damage dealt from weapons

16/03/2018 v2.2.1
- Control suggestions now shown to the player
- Walls and spikewalls cheaper. No more wood required
- Resource spots increased up to 10,000 resources
- Symbols over crafing bar showing info now

11/03/2018 v2.2
- Auto miner building added
- Resource spots give more resources
- Player gets resources and xp back after death
- Recipes are now always shown in the crafting bar
- Projectiles better visible
- Flickering healthbar bug fixed

06/03/2018 v2.1 (Release)
- Health and berry potion added
- Shovel and bucket added
- New material: Glass which is made from sand
- Piles which can be used as floor pavement

03/03/2018 v2.0.1
- Lava can kill you now after you left it already(red bar in health bar)
- Auto jump by holding shift on a jumper
- Furnace no more wasting fuel overage
- Chat history can be hidden while chatting
- Inverted mousewheel direction for inventory selection
- Clan leader always owns all buildings now(makes betrayal impossible)

20/02/2018 v2.0 (Beta)
- Improved most graphics
- Ammo for all ranged weapons
- Shift for high shot, which shoots over resources
- New resources coal, ironore, berry bush
- Furnace melting iron
- Jumpers
- New items: Cooked Meat, Iron
- Minimap king icon replaced by 3 crowns
- Death stats
- Recipe book added
- Crafting Bar description
- Description for player stats
- Smooth character animations
- Bandwidth consumption reduced
- Chat history
- Site re-designed
- Building while holding mouse now possible
- Preventing accidental item drop(drag and drop)
- Weapons right sided
- Weapons have attack speed now
- Nerfed turrets: less accurate now
- Nerfed crossbow: less base damage and armor piercing
- Change properties of some weapons
- Removed number of hostile animals and made them weaker

16/01/2018 v1.1.1
- Duplication bug fixed
- Wolf and bear move slower
- Server memory leak removed
- Server crashing bug fixed

18/10/2017 v1.1
- Added pig and made animals look more beautiful
- Created two new weapons(crowsbar, slingshot) and changed stats of all weapons
- Introduced "Come at me" button for the best player
- Adjusted item prices, made troll faster and animals faster and stronger and turrets weaker

10/05/2017 v1.0 (Release)
- Release Version